The Pink Path


Who is The Pink Path for?


“I’ve seen glimpses of my best self, but want to live it year round.”

I have shined brightly on the Playa, or at a festival, or ceremony… and realized that I can no longer tolerate a life where my true self is only a week a year. I want to be my highest self YEAR ROUND.

“I don’t know who my true self is.”

I have this aching sense that I am meant for so much more. I want to dedicate my life to my purpose…but I don’t know what it is.

“I feel like I can’t be my true self in the life I’m in.”

In my marriage. In my job. In my current life… I don’t know how I can allow my true self to emerge in the life I’m in. Maybe I need to make massive changes…or maybe I just need to find a way to make space for the REAL me in the life I have.