The Pink Path isn’t therapy and it isn’t quite coaching. It is a life-changing journey that we take together.



“I thought I needed to abandon my old life to find myself. The Pink Path showed me that I just needed to LET IT OUT.
Life is so much more fulfilling knowing I can fulfill my purpose simply by being being me.



“When I started the program, I was feeling adrift, and frustrated with myself: like, I’m 51, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to do when I grow up! What’s wrong with me?!

The Pink Path helped me stop worrying about the “shoulds” & start living more boldly and creatively. Now I find joy in the ride, instead of focusing on the destination, or some arbitrary measure of success. ”



“By just working on the assignments .... and doing the steps, I realized so many more details about myself and my life. Wow, when you steer your mind in the right direction .... it’s amazing. It’s like I’m slowly waking up ”