Seriously…you nailed it and you are clearly nailing life. right thoughts, right mind, blazing love. do not stop for fucks sake.
— Amanda Palmer

John is a truly amazing coach. He SEES you and knows the perfect thing to say at the perfect time. He brings out the best in you. His perspective is priceless.
— Wendy H.

Three weeks after starting the Pink Path I was inspired to have a 3 hour conversation with my husband. We hadn’t spoken that long in 10 years. The next morning my husband surprised me with tickets to Hawaii.
— Angela

When I started the program, I was feeling adrift, and frustrated with myself: like, I’m 51, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to do when I grow up! What’s wrong with me?!
The Pink Path helped me stop worrying about the “shoulds”, start living more boldly and creatively. Now I find joy in the ride, instead of focusing on the destination, or some arbitrary measure of success.
— Lynette

I thought I needed to leave my life to find myself. But I realized my truth was inside me all along. The Pink Path showed me that I just needed to LET IT OUT and trust that people would love me as my true self.
— Wayne

By just working on the assignments .... and doing the steps, I realized so much more details about myself and my life. Wow, when you steer your mind in the right direction .... it’s amazing. Thanks so much John Halcyon Styn. For creating this program. It’s like I’m slowly waking up
— Myriam

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia